What we do

Cabinet meeting

With an increasing number of anti-lockdown groups being set up around the world, Covid19 Assembly has been created to ensure that all existing and new groups can benefit from the lessons learned by others.

This will include figures, legal issues, logistics, best practices, etc. We are working with other organisations such as Pandata19.org to help distribute accurate information so that everyone has access to the latest and best data possible.

We are also working closely with some of the biggest names in the Covid-19 area, with Martin Kulldorff (Great Barrington Declaration signatory) on our advisory board.
Our aim is to reduce the obstacles in the way of anti-lockdown groups so they can focus on reaching people and not reinventing the wheel.

We will create and curate content that explains the key issues around Covid-19 in an engaging and easy-to-understand way. This content is based on facts rather than opinions and in most cases uses the government’s own information.

It can be very difficult for most ordinary people to keep up to date with key facts about Covid-19 and lockdown. Very often, important information is presented selectively, without context, and no counter-view is offered. The facts may not be repeated and are lost to most people despite being crucial to understanding current events.

That is why we are putting all this key information in one place. But not only that, our biggest goal is to ensure this information gets in front of as many people as possible.
Our content will be available for people all over the world to download and use as a tool to explain the important Covid-19 issues to others who are keen to learn.

Anyone will be able to download files in order to print leaflets, booklets, workbooks, posters, roller displays, slideshows and presentations for tablets and smartphones.
We will also work with you, the people using these resources, to improve our content and create guides on how best to use it.