Ways to help

A local Covid19 information session

One of the biggest problems with the current Covid-19 situation is that there is limited information that the average person will come across without specifically looking for it. Most people aren’t aware that they don’t know a lot of key facts about Covid-19.

You can help get this information to them by joining us at the “Covid19 Assembly” as a local information agent. You would be totally autonomous but our website would have most of the guidance you need. You may want to connect with others and proceed as a small group to make things easier.

Whether you want to share our content on social media or you are interested in speaking to groups of people in person, there is a place for you.

The activities we will be supporting include:

  • Outdoor displays for high streets, town squares, etc.
  • Indoor displays for village halls, shopping arcades, etc.
  • Presentations to groups of people.
  • Workshops to train others who want to take part.
  • Informal talks to small groups of family, friends, colleagues or neighbours using a tablet, phone or printed material.
  • One to one chats using a slideshow on a smartphone.
  • Local leafleting, posters, social media, radio, etc to encourage people to attend presentations, meetings or workshops.

To receive a resource pack and guidance when it’s ready please email us here.

Help manage the whole organisation
Help create content
Suggest content ideas
Give expert advice to our creators
Critique published content
Provide legal advice
Help with the promotion of the organisation, website, content or local groups.
If you are in the media or advertising industry we would be very keen for your help.
Likewise, if you are a writer, we would always need professional input.
The same with photography and video production.
In other words anybody can help. Please do!

On the ground at local level
Give us feedback about discussions you have had with people and how you managed to change their opinion or not.
Provide professional advice to local organisers.
If you don’t want to give talks or hold meetings yourself you could help recruit people to attend.
Help set up local groups behind the scenes.
Deliver leaflets.
Talk people through letters they can send to MPs, etc.
Carry out surveys.
Contribute towards costs.
Provide a venue to volunteers.

If you’re interested, please email us now as we need to move fast! Tell us where you are roughly and what you are able to offer. Thanks