Most recent update includes data for 12th of October.

The graph above is the government's own design. We have overlaid the new data. However, the number of days from the marked (by them) 15th of September to the 13th of October isn't accurate. There are 3 or 4 extra days to the right as the number of cases grows "exponentially". So new "lockdowns" and restrictions are being brought in based on a spurious "scenario" on a graph that wouldn't be acceptable from a GCSE student.

Remember, "cases" at the moment are just positive test results. In March/April a case was somebody who felt unwell, went to their doctor and was diagnosed as having Covid-19. Now it includes (mostly) people who have no symptoms of any kind and have no idea that there are tiny fragments of the virus in their body.

Testing continues to increase thereby increasing the number of "cases". Around the 15th September testing was approximately 225,000 per day now it's approximately 280,000 per day.

Below 10th October

Below 5th October

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