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Man looking at Covid stats on a desktop PC

Over the coming weeks we will be producing content for our volunteers to use “on the ground” to get the real Covid-19 facts in front of the public. We will also be building a website that allows for the national AND international coordination of this activity so that it runs smoothly and gives us the feedback we need to improve our processes.

Although we have some great people helping us for free, we still have to pay for many things. In order to bring some money in, we have added a page to our website where our supporters can make a donation. It’s a simple process to donate and the option to make a monthly payment is there. Every little bit will help and a monthly donation will give us a bit more security allowing us to plan better.

Our next task is to extend our survey plan. Will will shortly be launching a national survey. Not only will we learn about everyone’s motivations but we will also learn more about the true size of the sceptical vs non-sceptical split which is currently a bit vague.
Please donate what you can as we work to take back our old normal.