We want your stories

We're looking for content from everybody, from ordinary people to experts in their field. Do you have a story or personal experience, an insight, a location to shoot, an introduction? It might be uplifting or an example of the worst effects of Covid-19 / Lockdown.


We respect privacy and will deal with all submissions in the strictest confidence. By contacting us now you are not committing to being filmed. 

Although we are located in the UK we welcome submissions from all over the world. If necessary, we will arrange for a film crew to visit you wherever you are.




Please tell us briefly:


Do you have a story to tell, some pictures or video to send in, a location to visit, or particular expertise? 

Would you contribute in person or virtually? Are you happier to be on camera or on audio only? 

Do you want to whistle-blow? If so, we can organise everything through a specialist solicitor if required and your identity would be protected.


Or perhaps you simply have a recommendation or a link to something you think should be included in our film. 


We'll be in touch as soon as possible.

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