Court rejects urgent need for hearing in Covid19 Assembly’s legal action to halt child vaccinations

Beverley Turner gives an update on the latest news on Covid19 Assembly’s legal action against MHRA approval of Covid-19 vaccines for under 18’s. To support the case please click here.


The Court has on 7 September 2021, and for a second time, refused the Claimants’ application for an urgent hearing.

The Claimants had asked for just half a day for the Court to listen to oral argument to consider whether to pause the roll out of injections of experimental mRNA vaccine technology, producing increasing reports of clotting and other adverse effects including death, still under emergency authorisation and never before given to humans, to the whole of our healthy population of children aged 12-17.

It would be inappropriate here and in any public forum fully to express the strength of our disappointment and frustration at this decision. The government’s lawyers had been asked why there is any need to press ahead and what harm would be caused by a short delay. As the Court was informed, they were unwilling or unable to answer.

Looking forward, it is unlikely that an appeal would succeed or move things forward more quickly. The reality, therefore, is that there is no potential of a hearing before the week commencing Monday 20 September.

The Court’s view was that to delay consideration of the Claimants’ application for 14 days to allow the government to prepare its response was not in fact a refusal. However, that delay has the practical effect of denying the urgent relief sought and leaves the full resources and machinery of the state to be put into gear, as soon as the government considers it has backing from the four CMOs to give it sufficient political cover, to proceed with the mass injections.

As the public is aware, the latest JCVI advice has been against roll out and the government appears to be looking to the CMOs for other excuses, not necessarily related to any health benefit to the children, to justify proceeding despite the JCVI advice. You can be sure that the reasons for any decision will be scrutinised carefully by the legal team to consider whether another urgent application to Court may be appropriate.

While the Courts refuse to step in, it is essential that parents and commentators make their views known about the government’s intention to rush ahead with this roll out.

This is going to be a hard fought and time intensive legal battle. Please continue to pledge your support and share and encourage others to do so, across the world.

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