Take Back Control

Dr Sam White was suspended by the NHS for speaking out about informed consent, the safety of the vaccine and other safe and effective alternative treatments. Below is the text from his CrowdJustice case.

When we set up our whistleblowing service we didn’t expect our first referral to cause such a stir. Thanks to PJH Law for handling the case.

In case you haven’t read his initial letter it can be found here: Letter to Sir Simon Stevens


My body is sovereign. So is your’s. No government has the right to penalise me or you for not having medical treatment. That’s wrong, unethical and against the Law.

Let’s take back control of our body from the government.

I am Dr Sam White suspended by the NHS for raising concerns about the safety of the vaccine and informed consent.

I am very concerned about the plan to vaccinate children.

One child’s vaccine injury or death is one too many.

A summary of my case is here. The full version is here.

The case is about informed consent.  Vaccine Passports breach domestic law and international law in our view.

People are having a vaccine to obtain a vaccine passport, not out of clinical need. That’s wrong.

We need your help.

Whether you are vaccinated or not, it is in everyone’s interests to have the right to say no to any treatment without penalty.

You have the right to the best information. You have the right to access safe and effective alternatives including your immune system.

We have 4 objectives:

  • To have the vaccine passport declared unlawful.
  • To halt the vaccine roll out to allow a thorough review of all potential serious adverse events.
  • To lift my suspension.
  • If the Police do not take any action, to start private criminal proceedings against the Right Honourable Matthew Hancock and others for formulating a public health policy based on an unfit for purpose diagnosis test and causing so much harm in so doing.

The money you donate will be used:

1. To assemble a team of QCs and Junior Barristers and lawyers to:

  • Give advice on options.
  • Draft applications.
  • Represent in court.
  • Prepare the cases for hearing.
  • Engage any other legal support needed to ensure the best chance of success.

2. To obtain expert and other witness evidence on:

  • PCR tests.
  • Trial design.
  • Efficacy of any safe alternatives.
  • Efficacy of masks.
  • Engage private investigators to carry out investigations into conflicts of interest and any other relevant issue.
  • Any other expert evidence Barristers advises us to obtain.

3. To obtain expert tests on:

  • Materials used in masks commonly supplied and used in NHS settings.
  • Obtain toxicity reports for prolonged mask wearing.
  • Obtain expert evidence of what materials are in the vaccines.
  • Any other expert reports Barristers advises us to obtain.

4. I need to buy an insurance policy to protect me from any adverse costs orders. An adverse costs order is where I lose a claim and the court orders me to pay the winner’s legal costs. These policies are very expensive.

These funds are needed urgently.

We will be transparent and account for every penny spent.

Any invoices for costs incurred will be published on www.pjhlaw.co.uk website.

Any money donated which is not spent will be gifted to vaccine injury charities.

Any financial support you can offer, however small, is appreciated.

This is not a battle we can afford to lose. It’s your battle as much as mine.

Many thanks for your support.