The Covid19 Assembly to Provide Legal Support for Whistleblowers: Francis Hoar Launches “Speak Out”

Since setting up a nationwide ‘Covid Deaths Audit’ in March 2021, the Covid19 Assembly has been inundated with information from whistleblowers working within the NHS, care homes, the media, finance, the police and other regulation and enforcement agencies.

Public health expert David Fleming regrets, however, that most whistleblowers who have reported so far have also had concerns over the safety of their employment. He states:

The Government must publicly accept that nobody should be threatened or discouraged from telling the truth. We are determined to counter any force against whistleblowers with legal support for those speaking out.

In response, the Covid19 Assembly today launches ‘SPEAK OUT’, a whistleblower support service dedicated to helping all those who are understandably scared to report concerns over Covid related practices at their place of work.  

The ‘Speak Out’ service is available to witnesses with information about ALL aspects of the pandemic response, not just Covid death reporting. Professional legal advice will be given free-of-charge* to eligible applicants at the start of their process and everything will be fully confidential. Those with information on any Covid related practices of concern are encouraged to come forward as a matter of urgency by completing the form on the “Speak Out” page of the website below.

The Covid19 Assembly was founded in September 2020 to provide accurate data to the public on a wide range of matters concerning the Covid crisis. The Assembly’s advisors include pathologist, Dr Clare Craig, Harvard Professor of Medicine, Dr Martin Kulldorff, barrister, Francis Hoar, and journalist, Toby Young.

Visit the “Speak Out” whistleblowers page here.

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